Feeling Gloomy


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Tickets for Feeling Gloomy events are currenlty on sale up until September 2019. 

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Sat 2nd March - Feeling Gloomy: The Smiths at 35


It's 35 years since The Smiths released their debut album so join us as we commiserate it's birthday by playing every track from the album, a few other Smiths faves and of course our usual blend of gloomy tunes. Click here for tickets.


Sat 9th March - An Afternoon of Britpop 

After having so much fun last last time, we're back again to bring you an afternoon of Britpop from 1pm-4:30pm!
Have a drink, grab some food (neither included in ticket price) and dance to the best Britpop tunes of the era. Click here for tickets.


Sat 6th April - Liqueur: A Tribute To The Cure (7pm-10pm)

Feeling Gloomy welcome back their favourte Cure tribute with this special gig at The Phoenix. Join them for this pre-club gig as they perform 2 live sets of classic hits, tracks and rarities.
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Sat 6th April - Feeling Gloomy: Pulp: His 'n' Hers 25th Anniversary Special

Join us as for another one of our Pulp specials at Gloom as we mark the 25th anniversary of their classic His 'n' Hers album. Expect every track from the album as well as tons of other Pulp faves all mixed in with your usual gloomy anthems. Click here for tickets.


Sat 4th May - Feeling Gloomy Mayday Special

Join us this Mayday bank holiday weekend as we get you dancing round the maypole with our usual blend of gloomy and melancholic anthems. Click here for tickets.


Sun 9th June - An Afternoon of David Bowie


After three previously hugley popular events we're back with another Afternoon of David Bowie from 1pm-4:30pm. Grab some food, sit back or put on your red shoes and dance with like minded Bowie fans as we provide back to back Bowie classics, singalongs and more.
This is an all ages event. Click here for tickets


Sat 21st September - The Jam'd: Setting Sons 40th Anniversary

The UK's no.1 Jam tribute return to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Setting Sons where they'll perform the album in full as wel as a 2nd set of pure Jam hits and faves!.

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Feeling Gloomy is every first Saturday of the month at The Phoenix, Cavendish Sqaure in London.
You can buy tickets for all Feeling Gloomy events in London here

Tickets cost from £5.00 advance (plus booking fee). Please note we only have a limited number of advance tickets on sale.

Unless stated otherwise, tickets will be available on the door each month, check our Facebook page for  announcements. NUS tickets are £5.00 all night