Some lovely things people have said about us!

"A gleaming needle in London’s indie haystack" "Feeling Gloomy has become a club-land institution by playing sad songs and bedsit anthems for happy-ish people while becoming more relevant with each event."Le Cool

"What better way to mope than listen to five full on hours of the saddest songs known to man"
 The Book Magazine

"Expect a truly mope-tastic night out"
 Time Out

"Specialist in all things melancholy"


"Revel in your angst at this celebration of misery"


"The maestros of mooching"
Time Out

"It's forlorn, it's fun"
Time Out

"Brilliant fun, despite what the promoters want you to think"

"Islington's fave place to rock out"
Time Out

"Go There... You might just have a bawl"

"You don't often get a chance to play those songs to an audience"
Jarvis Cocker (On Feeling Gloomy)

"The High Priests of sonic misery" "An oasis of bittersweet sanity" "A celebration of all that is melancholic and marvellous"
The Times

"Stick two fingers up at all those irritating chipper sorts"
London Lite

"Heartbreak has never been so in fashion"
Le Cool

"Vogue Loves..Feeling Gloomy"

"Feeling Gloomy has gained a cult following"
The Next Big Thing

"The Kids love it"
Wound Magazine

"Feeling Gloomy captures the love of music and personifies that love"
One Week to Live

"Wallow along to maudlin music with fellow glumsters"
Daily Mail

"Fantastic new club night"
The Guardian

"The perfect place for a miserable night out"

"Come feel the gloom!"

"Quirkiness of the highest order and a genuine atmosphere"
One Week to Live

"A playlist of unadulterated sad music because of that strange phenomena where it's super fun to jiggle along to Joy Division"
Le Cool

"A magnificent idea" "Brilliantly conceived and executed" "Come on feel the Gloom!"
TNT Magazine

"The whole place was grinning from ear to ear..comfort in being sad indeed"
Time Out

"Cheese and pickle sandwiches are not what you would usually associate with a night out in a London club"

"Seek Musical catharthis in the form of DJ's Leonard and Cliff playing the World's most melancholy music"

"All that happy, uplifting dance music people seek at clubs is sooo over"
Evening Standard

"Britain's weirdest club"
Radio 1